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Does anyone know about price gap? what is that?
  • Anyone knows of a price gap and why they appear on a chart?
  • Are they something I should watch out for as a new trader? 
  • How would they risk my trades? 
Actually Forex market never closes even Saturday and Sunday also, but out trading market only closed on Saturday and Sunday. if any major data release on trading market closing time Forex market price will change from Friday closing price, this news impact will affect trading market when Monday open hours. this is the reason for market Gap up or down
A reason for the market gap up or down is only big market players and Liquidity providers....
Price gap appears when there was no liquidity for the price levels between the first and second price. Usually, it happens when there is significant market volatility (news releases) or when there is very low liquidity (night-time for a given session). Weekly price gaps happen because of a changed market sentiment due to some news released on Saturday or Sunday.
When you see a space between two candle, it's a gap. Price Gap often happen at Open market.

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