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FOREX - A Stressful?
During a Forex trade, when you loosing a real money can lead to frustration and in some cases, anger aimed at oneself or the market. How about you?

Do you find Forex stressful? Are there ways to avoid such stress?
At the start of Forex business, you may feel stressful about this business. When you will fail to make money then it will be painful business to you. So you need to give time to learn forex, increase your experience, then you can gain from it.
Yes, Forex trading can be quite stressful for me. Especially, when some long-term trade fails after working perfectly for quite some time.

Luckily, at least a part of the stress can be removed from trading by adhering to prudent money management and position sizing techniques.
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I like the topic, YES you will never understand the word stress and frustration unless you do Forex, i mean little do i sympathize now a days with petty problems when you got this load of stress and anxiety going on with Forex.
Yes Definitely Forex trading is stressful, if you don't have proper market knowledge and no knowledge about money management.

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