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How to use Trailing Stop loss future in MT4?
some signal providers say when those calls running in profit or news hours apply trailing stoploss with some pips. but i could not find that option in MT4 and also how to apply. please any one explain me..

Advance thanks for helping.
The trailing stop loss is a type of Stop loss order that adjusts automatically to the moving value of the market price. Most pertinently, the trailing stop loss order moves with the value of the market price when it rises.

  • You place EURUSD BUY at 1.1200.
  • The market price rise to 1.1250.
  • You place a trailing stop loss for particular order at the time of trading prce at 1.1250 price using a 10 pip.
  • While the price moves up, the trailing price (stop loss price) will stay at 10 pip less than the current price or distance between current market price and stoploss price 10 pip.
  • The market price reaches 1.1300 price and then it starts to drop. The trailing stop loss would be at 1.1290 ( 10 pip from last high price )
  • Once the market  price hits 1.1290, your running EURUSD BUY order hit stop loss and close with 90 pip profit. At this point, your gains are locked in.
Thanks for your kind explanation Mr.Vnmani. 
i need more how to place trailing stop loss order?
Condition: Particular trade should run with some positive profit
  • Step1: right click particular order
  • Step2: Select trailing Stop options
  • Step3: Select point or custom 
  • Step4: Enter trailing stop loss points and click OK
Thanks for your kind explanation, searching this procedure past few months finally got the procedure today. once again thank you...

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