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What is your biggest Forex trading weakness?
The question this month is "What is your biggest forex trading weakness?"

Possible answers include:-

a) I lose control over trades.
b) I struggle with emotions over losses and lost "potential profits".
c) Indecision is my greatest weakness. I hesitate too much.
d) I am not focused as much as I should be!
e) I do not stick to my trading rules and not always apply my trading plan.
f) I still haven't defined a good money management system.
g) I believe that I have magical powers and can predict the future.

If you feel that you have some other weakness (not mentioned above) please share Thank you for your votes.
This Four Psychological States Of feeling – Greed, Fear, Hope, and Regret also affect traders from making profit. There are four psychological states of emotions that drive most individual deciding in any market within the world. There are greed, fear, hope and regret.
H) All the Above
a) I lose control over trades
most of the losses dropping without using stop loss that one is my main weakness..!!

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