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Can you manage posting on forum while your trades are open?
My husband and the source of over 15 long days and really take in the market, buying and selling, and more discussion Forum computer file system paths. This is actually my personal work as a hobby. Doing any work in progress that I think is it really right to practically just because my personal exploration of how the right to 70-80% of my husband and I will be able to be a big winner for sale.
some time it make us can not focusing when we are make the posting in here and also make the trading on the forex, so better we are focusing on the trading that we have make that can being more good, because forex is need to make the focusing we are do not focusing that make us hard to earn the profit./..
I can not concentrate if at the time of posting, along with the transaction I do, because our minds become forked, I am better, working one-on-one course, so all work can be done well and in control
Yes absolutely I can. Trading is not means you have to see the graphic all the time, I can't imagine how bored it was. All you have to do just used the tools pending order, there is buy stop and loss stop use it, some like to set up the take profit also. You know what trading is not boring at all
yes i'll do

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