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Can you manage posting on forum while your trades are open?
There are people who don't want to move eyes on charts when trades are open, while other like to relax and may make some posts on forum while their trade trying to make some profits. Are you able to make posts when your trades are open?
Good question, for me it was like we eat while enjoying the beautiful scenery in the mountains. for what? .. trade and forums can be done together...
You should always take the forum and a positive thing for the job and if we open any position, and we believe that for some time in the market will not go against the will be on our side and we must do a good circulation.
Yes I can manage to do the trading as well as the posting on the forum... by using the take profit and stop loss we get the time in between the trading to posting on the forum,,, then I start communicating with its members... and most of my trade needs Intra-day to finish... So I get enough times to do other things...
No, I can not manage posting on forum while my trade is open. But I don't check my open trade strictly. I just can not do something that need my full attention while trading. I can just sit or eat some food, or chat with my friend, or anything that make me relax.

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