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Luxurious Prison/Jail in the World

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The World’s Top 10 Most Luxurious Prison

Prison is the word which is treated as a nightmare for most of the people by reason of the relentless punishments are accustomed to the prisoners there. Luxury is the word which has opposite with the prison and max of the prisons located in the world are fully funded by the tax payers & the tax payers of the world don’t need to listen that they are paying their taxes for the convenience and luxury of the prisoners. The living surrounding of the prisoners are the independent on the regular daily works of the people which include toilets, bed, showers & also few level of privacy for them.
People of the world are not familiar that in this world there are many luxurious prisons also place which are giving at different places of the world and are providing comfortable facilities to the prisoners there because of the high standards of their country. Prisoners act different assignment there to keep themselves busy and also do their work which is a best thing in prisons. Few most wanted criminals like dangerous drug queens are also put there. 
These are the Top 10 Most Luxurious Prison located all around the world:
I.      Bastoy Prison, Norway
II.     Justice Center Leoben, Austria
III.    Champ-Dollon Prison, Switzerland
IV.    Pondok Bambu Prison, Indonesia
V.     JVA Fuhlsbuettel Prison, Germany
VI.    Sollentuna Prison, Sweden
VII.   Halden Prison, Norway
VIII. Aranjuez Prison, Spain
IX.    Cebu Prison, Philippines
X.     Cereso Chetumal Prison, Mexico
X. Cereso Chetumal Prison, Mexico

Cereso Chetumal Prison is the one which is in Mexico and this prison has the less violent behavior by the prisoners. But when they need to fight with one another they were provide the pair of boxing gloves and are sent to the ring where the dispute is after that over in several rounds. They are also inspired to find their different moves and also to use their mind to create different art works which are then sell to the tourists all around the world. It also features a place called Conjugal Hotel where couples are send to spend time together.
IX. Cebu Prison, Philippines
Cebu is not only a prison but is also known as the Rehabilitation Center as well which gives different entertainment facilities as well which add the dance classes also there. The dance program is attend for the prisoners and is also given with the normal exercise with the traditional choreography, and then their videos are released online. They become very famous due to the internet & people watch their routine daily works on the internet.

VIII. Aranjuez Prison, Spain
Aranjuez Prison is famous for providing the family cell to the prisoners. In most of the prison when the baby is born inside then the baby is sent outside for the foster & take care, but this Spanish prison is quiet different which gives the opportunity that babies can stay with their parents till they are 3 years old. Babies are provided with the toys & share a fascinating bond with their parents. It gives the opportunity to live the normal life regularly there which is a fair thing about it.

VII. Halden Prison, Norway
Halden Prison was built in 2010 which has the capacity of 252 prisoners in it and their prison system focal point on the human rights. Every cell is rigged with the unbarred windows, TV, fridge and also the designer furniture. The guards there are mostly helpless because of creates social distance among them. It gives new opportunities to the people with much-improved address to them, and the information is collected from the complete questionnaire from them to develop them.
VI. Sollentuna Prison, Sweden
Sollentuna Prison provides the chance of the different workout techniques for the prisoners there and to keep them in fit. It features the fully equipped gym in it, and they also cook their own meals and even placed with TV. It more sounds like a home rather than prisoners and was shut down for some years because it lacks the prisoners in it. Sweden has spent more money, energy, & time to control the crime rate and also to prevent it at few ratios.
V. JVA Fuhlsbuettel Prison, Germany
JVA Fuhlasbuettel Prison is a strange prisons and known for its color scheme. Germany has provides a look of a castle to this jail which includes large living rooms, attached bathrooms with the shower and also desks in it. The prisoners were equipped with the fresh washers and dryers so that they can do their laundry easily which are not easily given in prisons.
IV. Pondok Bambu Prison, Indonesia
Pondok Bambu Prison is a women prison which is in Indonesia which holds a huge number of drug addicts there and is to control the drug crime among the people. They are also provided with the beauty salon and beading classes with few extra charges. They also provided with the karaoke nights for daily use. They are also given some rehabilitation facilities to the drug addicts to control the rate of it.
III. Champ-Dollon Prison, Switzerland
Champ Dollon Prison is located in Geneva which is facing the issues which include riots, overcrowding & also various diseases prevailing in it. It has made an anti-torture committee which has earnes bad reviews in 2008. It has recently constructed a fresh wing which is enhanced with new facilities and equipped with private bathrooms. It is as comfortable as a 3-star hotel.
II. Justice Center Leoben, Austria
Justice Center Leoben is located in Austria and is provided with the full rights there. The prisoners there are treated with equal human rights and respect to each person there. The blocks are made of pure wood which has burst proof glass and even included with the balconies and with the private bathrooms & shared kitchens as well. Prisoners are grant to wear their own clothes and resident a normal life there and also socialize with other prisoners in it.
I. Bastoy Prison, Norway
Bastoy Prison is the world’s beautiful prison which is located in Norway and given with the minimum security there which consists of small wooden cottages there and prisoners work on the farm also. They are also provided with variant facilities in their free time which includes sports like horse riding, Tennis fishing & also the cross country skiing. Prisoners, they are all living with equal human rights & the facilities requires there.
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