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The Most Alcohol Consumption of Top 10 Nations in the Europe

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The Most Alcohol Consumption of Top 10 Nations in the Europe

There are various things which are the primary source of addition for the society. It is spoken that people living in European countries are consuming more alcohol than in any other part of the world for the reason of an average drinking is up to 8.71 liters & per person is predicted to be 25 shots of pure one which is given according to the report of WHO- World Health Organization. During Europe, it is actually common & people there are seeing it quite an acceptable thing & are adopting it in large figure.

Here are the 10 European countries with Most Alcohol consumption:

Country Name           Consumption (per capita)

  • Belarus                        17.5
  • Lithuania                     15.4
  • Andorra                       3.8
  • Czech Republic           13
  • France                          12.2
  • Ireland                          11.9
  • Luxembourg                11.9
  • Germany                      11.8
  • Austria                          10.3
  • Estonia                         10.3
Estonia is the country which is placed in the Northern Europe & consists of many islands in it. It is very well developed country for the reason of its high-income economy & is named as the fastest growing economy in the EU. It is common for its high-level work on education, civil liberties, & the economic freedom as well. Estonia is the country which has the percent of Alcohol consumption was 10.3 per capita.
Austria is the nation with the official name of Republic of Austria and is a landlocked country which has the population of around 8.66 million. It has many official languages for the reasons of different communities are living there. It is named as one of the richest countries in the globe because of the high definitive of living for the people there & also the average income for the people. Austria has the estimated ratio of alcohol consumption was 10.3 per capita which is quite high as related to other countries.
Germany is the country with the official name of the Federal Republic of Germany which is placed in West Europe. It is one of the most popular countries of the Europe it has a total population of 82 million. It is common for its rich culture, & people are addicted towards alcohol in huge number which can be detailed in their rate per capita of alcohol consumption which is around 11.8.
Luxembourg is also the landlocked country which is located in Western Europe. It has lofty culture & people from various communities are living there. It is an ancient country which is common for its far roots which visitors & tourists can certainly see in their operations. It is the nation which has the total rate of alcohol consumption per capita 11.9 which is very high & damaging their country.

Ireland is another country common for its islands. It is the 2nd largest island of the all European Nations. It is also named as the 2nd most populated island placed in Europe for the reason its total population is 6.4 million. It has a blended culture because various people are living there and adopting one other’s culture which is becoming the leading purpose of alcohol addiction and the rate is constantly increasing. The value of alcohol using per capita is predicted to be 11.9.
France is one of the famous countries in Europe which also consists of small islands, & people are fascinated towards them. The approximate population of France is 66.7 million and is quite fair about technological changes which include arts & science. It is the key pull for the tourists & almost 83 million visitors from all around the world visit France in every year. It has the estimated consumption of alcohol per capita was 12.2 which is very high & not fair for the progress of the country.
Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a wonderful state because of its natural beauty, & the total population of this country is more than 1.2 million. It is a well-developed country which is common for the advancements in different fields & also the prosperous economy for the reason people living there are enjoying high standards of live & is named as the sixth most peaceful country in the globe. But the only deficiency of this nation is that people there are addicted towards alcohol & the consumption per capita is 13.
Andorra is a tiny nation which is also a landlocked country & is known as the 6th smallest nation of the entire Europe. The population of this country is 85,000 only. It is highly visited by the people & tourists of the world which are almost 10.2 million every year. The only problem in this country is its high alcohol consumption rate per capita which is predicted to be 13.8 & is very high as correlated to any other nations & reducing the life expectancy rate of the people there.
Lithuania is the country which is placed in the Northern Europe. It has likely population of 2.9 million. It is the nation which has the fastest growing economy in the world & is much-developed country. Lithuania is the nation which has the alcoholic consumption per capita which is almost 15.4 & is too high. The alcohol price consists of all types of alcoholic drinks accessible in the market.

Belarus is a landlocked country which is placed in the Eastern Europe. It is the nation with the very wealthy economy & people running with high standards of living. It is named as the only state which has high punishments about the laws & is in practice. But it reduction the proper law regarding the alcohol addicts which cannot be disciplined and the estimated rate of its alcohol per capita is 17.5 which are the highest in all the European Nations of the world.
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