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World’s Top 10 Countries with the Lowest Currency Value.

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World’s Top 10 Countries with the Lowest Currency Value.

There are so many countries in the global and the most key thing for the progress of the country is their economy which makes the country steady & stable and it can act properly. The earnings of the country are reliant upon various factors which include the large industries, import, export & chiefly the currency of the nations.
The value of currencies of each country is different and is used to asset different things. Lowest currency means the unhealthy impact on the economy of the nation and its value is critical for the country. The lowest values currencies also have less power in the international market & are causing harmful to the economy of the country. There are various countries which have the weakest currencies in the global which are harmful to the economy of the country and are well known to the whole world about them & their value also constantly declining.

Here are the 10 countries with lowest currencies in the world:

          Country Name                                   Currency Name                      Currency equal to 1$ Dollar Approximately

I.            Iran                                                      Iranian Rial                                                       24,875

II.           Vietnam                                              Vietnamese Dong                                           22307

III.          Sao Tomean Dobra                          Sao Tome & Principe Dobra                         17,917

IV.          Indonesia                                           Indonesian Rupiah                                         12,202

V.           Belarus                                               Belarusian Ruble                                             9,898

VI.          Laos                                                    Lao Kip                                                              7,990

VII.         Guinea                                                Guinean Franc                                                 6,778

VIII.        Paraguay                                            Paraguayan Guarani                                      4,645

IX.          Costa Rica Colon                             Costa Rica Colon                                               570

X.            Zimbabwe                                         Zimbabwe Dollar                                            300,000

Zimbabwe Dollar

Zimbabwe Dollar is one of the most competitive money in the world which is modest & estimated to be 300,000 of their currency is equal to 1 dollar. It is the least valued currency & sometimes they are using the other nation currency of South Africa and now considered as much developed one in the past it was named as the least valued in the global.

Costa Rica Colon

Costa Rica Colon is the currency of Costa Rica which is generally called as Rica. The value of this currency is also microscopic which is yet used in their nation. The exchange for 1 dollar can cost almost 570 colors of their currency which details its little value in the market. Their currency notes are made in the red color and are easily dignified from other currencies.

Paraguayan Guarani

Paraguayan Guarani is one of the cheapest currencies for the reason it is 4,645 of this money is equivalent to 1 dollar. It is the money which has substituted Peso and was released to be used there in 1944. The Central Bank of Paraguay introduced this currency & the banknotes was in 1943, but the coins were introduced in 1944 and are lesser known to the rest of the world.

Guinean Franc

Guinean Franc is another 2nd currency in the world which has 6,778 equal to 1 dollar which details the little value of it. It is the 1st currency which was released in the form of coins in 1959 & has replaced the CFA Franc. After that in 1985, the banknotes of this currency were proposed which includes notes of 50, 100, 500, 1000 & 5000 which are still being used in their nation.

Lao Kip

Lao Kip is the currency value has 7,990 equal to almost 1 dollar. In 1945 the notes of this currency were first introduced & were then occupied by the French army & after that when French military has left the nation it was fortified the same in 1952. The biggest note of their currency predominant in the country is of 100,000 which depict their tiny economy for the reason of highest currency notes decline the value of the economy.

Belarussian Ruble

Belarussian Ruble is the cheapest currencies of the world which has the 9,898 exchanged to 1 dollar. In 1992 the bank has issued the currency notes & after that major coins of the coin were released in 1996. The bank notes starts from 500 & go till 5,000,000 which is very high value & not good for the economy of the country. The derivation of highest note always lowers the economy value of the country.

Indonesian Rupiah

Indonesian Rupiah is the currency of Indonesia which has 12,202 equal to 1 dollar which depicts its advance. The coins of this currency are starts from 50 to 1000 although the bank notes are available from 1000 to 100,000 which are also very high and impact damage to the country’s economy. Recently the government of the country has eliminated the 1000 rupiah note & has released the 2000 rupee note in an exchange of that.

Sao Tome & Principe Dobra

Sao Tome & Principe Dobra is the currency of the small island & is not famous in the world. The value of this currency is 17,917 equal to only 1 dollar. The whole island is placed in the area of 1,001 km. It is the nation which has got freedom from Portugal & has many coins & notes of their currency. The state has released the bank notes in the year of independence & is still running in the country.

Vietnamese Dong          

Vietnamese Dong is the 2nd cheapest currency which has the currency of the developing world. In 1946 the currency was introduced and was replaced by the French Indochinese piastre. The 1st currency note was released in 1976, but its value was much reduced and least rated since the day of its initiation. It has many high value currency notes which is damaging the economy & also declining the amount of money much more.

Iranian Rial

Iranian Rial is the cheapest money in the global. The only 1 dollar is equal to the 24,875 of the Iranian Riyal. The value of this currency is microscopic due to its relationship to the global economic approval and also with the US. It has been caused many assured transactions in the nation which are additionally damaging the economy & the currency of the country.

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