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World's Top 10 Cities to Choose Your Career in Financial Jobs

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World's Top 10 Cities to Choose Your Career in Financial Jobs

In the world, there are plenty of finance jobs to be found in nearly every city, but few cities offer more possibilities than others. This blogs clearly shown the top 10 cities for finance jobs and examines their language needed, typical weather, cost of living & other significant features. All of these cities are overpriced places to live, but they also offer prolific and high-grant jobs for finance workers.
KEY: Mercer is a global human resources company that offers financial advice, products & services. The best cost-of-living city is listed as below, and the correlation cities are rated in descending order. Figures are as of June 2016.
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Mercer's Living Ranking: 47; Major Language: English; Average Monthly Rent for a 1BHK Apartment: 2,514 $
Boston is household to large money controllers such as Fidelity Investments and Putnam Investments. It is popular for its asset-management businesses, while employment in Boston can hurt during tough times, the job retail for asset management tends to be almost more stable than that for investment banking or trading. This makes Boston a comparably appealing financial job market throughout economic recessions or market pullbacks.
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Mercer's Living Ranking: 34; Major Language: English; Average Monthly Rent for a 1BHK Apartment: 1,757 $
Chicago is central to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange & Chicago Board of Trade, making it a hot spot for futures and by-products trading. Huge banks and brokerage firms also often have branches in US's 2nd city. Chicago has wonderful nightlife and sports teams, as well as a booming music scene; sill, winters in the Windy City feel even colder than the temperatures show.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Mercer's Living Ranking: 21; Major Language: Arabic; Average Monthly Rent for a 1BHK Apartment: 2,093 $
Dubai is UAE’s fastest-growing cities in the world and is promptly increasing in significance as it tries to become the financial capital of the Middle East. Frequent global financial institutions are pushing to open and staff regional offices here, making this a possibly excellent time to move to Dubai. International applicants may find that they are adept to get a job here even if they do not know Arabic. Although cosmopolitan, Dubai observes to some Islamic blame on alcohol, so lovers of the party life could find better opportunities somewhere.
Frankfurt, Germany

Mercer's Living Ranking: 88; Major Language: German; Average Monthly Rent for 1BHK Apartment: 852 $
Frankfurt is affably the finance capital of continental Europe and central of big German companies such as Deutsche Bank. Plenty of international firms also kept their European headquarters in Frankfurt. Residents of Frankfurt enjoy important entertainment options in the city, as well as the probably of extensive tourism during the Germany and Europe. Frankfurt may be the destination for banks and all financial institutions which is shifting from London after the Brexit result.
Hong Kong, China

Mercer's Living Ranking: 1; Major Language: Chinese & English; Average Monthly Rent for a 1BHK Apartment: 2,185 $
Hong Kong is also one of the top cities for finance jobs in Asia and an important gateway to China. As such, this is a quickly growing market for a broad variety of banking, brokerage, trading jobs & wealth management. While some employees might be adept to get by only speaking English, knowledge of Chinese would also be helpful.
London, England

Mercer's Living Ranking: 17; Major Language: English; Average Monthly Rent for a 1BHK Apartment: 2,193 $
For those who do not want New York as the finance capital of the world, the next one is London. In addition to being the finance capital of the UK, close to all of the big international banks and brokerage firms maintain a key presence in London. London is particularly solid in currency trading, commanding more than twice the trade share of its closest rivals. Like New York, London has also enduring job losses due to the credit crisis, and following the Brexit vote there has been speculations that financial institutions might move an important figure of jobs out of the UK to other cities within the EU, departing London in volatility.
New York, USA

Mercer's Living Ranking: 11; Major Language: English; Average Monthly Rent for a 1BHK Apartment: 2,848 $
New York is naturally regarded as the finance capital of the world. Most of the largest investment banks, including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley & Merrill Lynch are the main office there. So too are a few large banks, including Citigroup and JP Morgan. Close to every large, global financial institution has a presence in New York. The city has vanished a huge number of jobs due to the credit crisis, but Wall Street is yet the place to be there.
San Francisco, California, USA

Mercer's Living Ranking: 26; Major Language: English; Average Monthly Rent for a 1BHK Apartment: 3,490 $
San Francisco is the finance capital of the western US. There are plenty of brokerage and banking firms with branches in the San Francisco area, and companies such as Franklin Templeton & Charles Schwab Investments have their headquarters also there. As the arch to Silicon Valley, San Francisco has a particular focal point in the technology sector, and the Bay Area is the worldwide headquarters of the venture-capital management.
Tokyo, Japan

Mercer's Living Ranking: 5; Major Language: Japanese; Average Monthly Rent for a 1BHK Apartment: 1,167 $
Tokyo is the 2nd largest economy in the world and as such is the headquarters for most Japanese financial industries as well as the regional headquarters for many international firms. Once considered a rival to New York for the title of world financial capital, Tokyo has slipped in significance in recent years as the Japanese economy and financial markets deteriorate. Activity has elects up recently, and if the Japanese economy sustains to regain, Tokyo might thrive.
Although there are opportunities available, Tokyo is a clumsy place to get a job if you don't know Japanese. For those interested, the perfect route is probably to work for an international financial firm and then demand a transfer to Tokyo.
Zurich, Switzerland

Mercer's Living Ranking: 3; Major Language: German, French, & English; Average Monthly Rent for a 1BHK Apartment: 1,805 $
Zurich is the capital of the Swiss banking industry & it’s the best place to find a wide variety of financial jobs. Global titan, UBS & Credit Suisse has their headquarters here and the city is particularly solid in wealth management & private banking sector. Applicants will have huge success if they speak some German or French, but it might be possible for otherwise well-qualified candidates to get by with only English.
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