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Forex This Week's Key Events for Traders

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This Week’s Key Events for Traders
Major News Pair: EURUSD, GBP, AUD, NZD, JPY, CAD
  1. Manufacturing PMIs: Monday, @ 7:15 for Spain. 7:45 for Italy, 7:50 Final figure for France, 7:55 final figure for Germany & at 8:00, the final euro-zone figures. According to Markit, Spain’s manufacturing sector was improving in June at a modest pace, with 52.2 points, over the 50 point threshold dividing expansion and contraction. 51.6 are expected currently. In Italy, the continent’s 3rd-largest economy saw 53.5 points. A fell to 52.5 is on the slots. According to the preliminary number for France for July, the sector was consuming with 48.6 points. Germany, the continent’s biggest economy, saw development worth 53.7 points. The euro-zone number was 51.9 points. The initial figures are anticipated to be confirmed.
  2. Spanish Unemployment Change: Tuesday, @ 7:00. In June, the unemployment hit nation saw a much-needed fall of 124.3K in the figure of the jobless. July might also see a cut down, as it is at the height of the tourism season. -70K is predicted.
  3. PPI: Tuesday, 9:00. Producer prices fairly feed into consumer prices. A rise of 0.6 percent was seen in May. A rise of 0.4 percent is expected.
  4. Services PMIs: Wednesday, 7:15 for Spain. 7:45 for Italy, 7:50 final figure for France, 7:55 final figure for Germany and 8:00, final euro-zone figure. In June, Spain saw solid development in the services sector, with 56 points. 55.1 are expected currently. Italy was behind with 51.9 points and a fell to 51.1 is what markets place are looking at present. According to the 1st release for July, the French services sector comparatively grew with 50.3 points. Germany saw 54.6 points & the overall euro-zone was at 52.7 points. The report for the euro-zone and France is predicted to be confirmed although the euro-zone figure carries predictions for an upgrade to 52.8 points.
  5. Retail Sales: Wednesday, 9:00. Although being released following data had already been published from the largest economies, the all-European figures have an impact. A rise of 0.4 percent was seen in May. No modify is expected currently.
  6. ECB Economic Bulletin: Thursday, 8:00. The European Central Bank publishes the economic data the members had previously their eyes when making the upcoming decision. It contains updated views regarding inflation, employment & more.
  7. Retail PMI: Thursday, 8:10. According to this purchasing managers’ indicator from Markit, the retail sector has been in recession in June, with 48.5 points.
  8. German Factory Orders: Friday, 6:00. The continent’s biggest economy saw sluggishness in orders from factories in May. A bounce of 0.5 percent is currently predicted. Note that these figures tend to be very volatile.
  9. French Trade Balance: Friday, 6:45. The 2nd largest economy in the euro-area has shortfall in its trade balance has been 2.8 billion in last May. A wider loss of 3.9 billion is currently predicted.
  1. Manufacturing PMI: Monday, 8:30. The index soaked to 49.1 points in June, pointing to recession in the manufacturing sector. No modify is expected in the July publish.
  2. Construction PMI: Monday, 8:30. The PMI cut down sharply in June, dropping to 46.0 points, which was well below anticipations. This marked the 1st reduce in around 3 years. The downturn is predicted to constant in the July release, with a forecast of 44.2 points.
  3. BRC Shop Price Index: Tuesday, 23:01. These consumer inflation indexes sustained to falling, and reduce 2.0 percent in June. Will the index place another sharp reduces in the July publish?
  4. Services PMI: Wednesday, 8:30. Services PMI placed a sharp fall in June, dropping to 47.4 points. This missed the forecast of 48.9 points. No modify is expected in the next release.
  5. BoE Inflation Report: Thursday, 11:00. This quarterly figure details the BoE’s pointing for inflation & economic conditions for the next 2 years. The next report will be the 1st following the Brexit vote, and a negative tone might force the pound lower. BoE Governor Mark Carney will present a press conference following the publish of the report.
  6. Official Bank Rate: Thursday. 11:00. The BoE is predicted to lower the benchmark rate by a quarter mark, to a classical low of 0.25 percent. The rate has been fixed at 0.50 percent since 2009, so a rate cut might force the pound to lower levels. The BoE will also publish the breakdown of the July vote where the bank controlled the rate, which is anticipated be a unanimous vote of 9-0.
  7. Asset Purchase Facility: Thursday, 11:00. The BoE’s capital-purchase program has been fixed at 375 billion since 2012, and no modify is predicted in the next decision. The BoE will release the breakdown of the July vote, which is anticipated to a unanimous vote of 9-0.
  8. Halifax HPI: Friday, 7:30. This housing inflation index gives a snapshot of the level of activity in the housing sector. The index moved to 1.3 percent in June, beating the forecast of 0.4 percent. Forecast for the July report remains at -0.1 percent.
  1. AIG Manufacturing Index: Sunday, 23:30. During 2016, the index has stand over the 50-level, which divides contraction from expansion. In June, the index improved to 51.8 points.
  2. HIA New Home Sales: Monday, 1:00. HIA New Home Sales gives a snapshot of the level of activity in the housing sector. The index has viewed weak, placing 3 declines in the last 4 months. Let’s see an improvement in the June release?
  3. Chinese Manufacturing PMI: Monday, 1:00. The PMI has been fastened at the 50 line for the last 4 months, indicative of a stagnant manufacturing sector. No modify is predicted in the next release.
  4. Building Approvals: Tuesday, 1:30. Building Approvals depressed in May, posting a sharp reduce of 5.2 percent. This was considerably lower than the expectations of -3.6 percent. The markets are anticipating a solid turnaround in the June release, with a forecast of +0.9 percent.
  5. Trade Balance: Tuesday, 1:30. Trade Balance is nearly linked to currency demand. The trade shortfall of 2.22 $ was much higher than predicted, as the estimate stood at A$1.72 billion. The forecast for the June release remains at the round figure of 2.00 billion.
  6. Cash Rate: Tuesday, 4:30. The RBA will put interest rates & publish a rate statement. The markets are anticipating a quarter mark cut, from 1.75 percent to 1.50 percent. Even if the bank lowers rates or stands on the sidelines, we might see few movements from AUDUSD pair.
  7. Commodity Prices: Tuesday, 6:30. Commodity Prices sustained to drop, while, reduce have been less severe in late months. The June reading comes in at -9.9 percent, almost unmodified from previous month.
  8. AIG Services Index: Tuesday, 23:30. The index is marking to muted movement in the services sectors, with 2 straight readings slightly over the 50-line. Let’s see some improvement in the next release?
  9. Retail Sales: Thursday, 1:30. Retail Sales is the primary index of consumer spending, and should be handled as a market-mover. The index has posted 2 straight gains of 0.2 percent. Few modify is expected in the June reading.
  10. AIG Construction Index: Thursday, 23:30. The index moved to 53.2 points in June, pointing a 10-month high.  Yet, most of publishes in 2016 have been under the 50- level, which indicates recession in the construction sector.
  11. RBA Monetary Policy Statement: Friday, 1:30. The week opens up with the RBA statement, which is published each year in the every quarter. The markets place will be looking for hints about the bank’s future monetary policy.
  1. Inflation Expectations: Tuesday, 3:00. With inflation numbers published only once per quarter, this publication gives one more view on the state of prices. In the previous 2 quarters, inflation predicts stood on 1.6 percent, lower than figures earlier seen. The numbers might further fall.
  2. GDT Price Index: Tuesday, Throughout the European afternoon. The Global Dairy Trade Price Index gives a bi-weekly update on milk prices, New Zealand’s fundamental export. Prices stand horizontal last time.
  3. ANZ Commodity Prices: Wednesday, 1:00. Commodities are significant for New Zealand. Prices moved 3.7 percent, a leap in comparison to earlier data.

  1. Final Manufacturing PMI: Monday, 2:00. The PMI has historic 4 straight readings under the 50-point line, pointing to recession in the manufacturing sector. The June reading comes in at 48.1 points, within anticipations. The forecast for the July reading remains at 49.0 points.
  2. Monetary Base: Monday, 23:50. The index showed little modify in June, with a reading of 25.4 percent. This was short of the estimate of 26.3 percent. The markets are predicting a fall to 24.3 percent in the July release.
  3. 10-year Bond Auction: Tuesday, 3:45. Ten-year bonds sustain to post negative yields. In July, the yield comes in at -0.24 percent, compared to -0.09 percent in the June auction.
  4. Consumer Confidence: Tuesday, 5:00. Japanese consumer believes constant to point to solid pessimism. The index posted a weak reading of 41.8 points in June, over the estimate of 41.1 points. The forecast for the July release remains at 42.2 points.
  5. BoJ Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, 23:50. Experts will be combing through the BoJ minutes, looking for hints about future monetary acts by the Bank.
  6. Average Cash Earnings: Friday, 00:00. The index depressed in May, posting reduce of 0.2 percent, well under the expectations. This was the 1st reduce since June 2015. The markets places are predicting a turnaround in the June result, with a forecast of 0.4 percent.
  7. Leading Indicators: Friday, @00:00. The index soaked to 100.00 percent in the May reading, very near to the forecast. Few modify is expected in the June release.

*All Times are in GMT.
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