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World's Top Ten Most Traded Commodities

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From the dawn of time, various societies have been trading with one another. In the new world, millions of business take place between the countries of the world to supply one other what they require meeting their needs.
When the financial expert says commodities, they mean goods for which there is a requirement, otherwise commodity-trading which are outfitted without qualitative variation against the market. Commodities are generally produced by large quantities of industries all over the world. Even lumber, oil, crops & electricity might all be considered commodities; Although Levi's jeans bid not be, as consumers consider them to be definite from jeans sold by other stiffs. Here we listed below are the world’s top ten most traded commodities.
In the Top Ten, the Second one is most shocking to all of you… See what is that?
10. Cotton
Closely each & everything we wear is formed out of cotton. It’s also one of the ancient known fibers on the earth & has been used in clothing since relics. We have been traded for thousands of years; cotton stays one of the world’s top ten commodities on all time. The highest producers of cotton are China, India, & the US respectively.
9. Wheat
Wheat is a fundamental source of food all over the world. It’s involved in the production of cereals, bread, various desserts, & the key thing is flour. The world’s dependence on wheat makes it an important commodity. The biggest producers of wheat are mainly as China, India, & Russia.
8. Corn
Corn is universally considered to be one of the most resourceful agricultural crops. The requirements for corn over the world have been regularly increasing around the last decade. Along the advent of bio-fuels, corn has turned into an even more significant commodity, as much as that the US has more than 80 million acres devoted to its production.
7. Sugar
Sugar- A sweetener is extracted from sugar cane it is traded in just around every country in the world. By the year of 2030, per annum, the consumption of sugar will outpace 257 million tons approximately.
6. Silver
Dislike fiat currency, the value of silver is not restrained by world governments.  Silver has classically been a very secure investment & most of the people rely on silver to add strength to their investment portfolios. Further to its artistic usage, silver is used in huge precision medical equipment & other industrial processes also.
5. Brent Oil
Brent oil is oil taken from the North Sea & Norway. It is used most usually around Europe & Africa. It’s significant, still, is a bit longer reaching as its value also helps set the price of crude.
4. Gold
During history, gold has always been a most valuable commodity & was the currency existing of so many societies. Now it's a most popular commodity with investors as its price has been regularly increasing over the last few years.
3. Natural Gas
Despite new efforts to move against renewable energy resources, natural gas yet stays an essential commodity. Natural gas is recycled for everything ranging from to heating, to heating, cooking to lighting for all our homes. At present, the US & Russia is the 2 biggest producers of natural gas in the world. More than 3 trillion cubic meters of natural gas is produced all over the world on an annual basis.

2. Coffee
Most of the traders don’t believe this, but coffee is the second most traded in commodities. Coffee is cultivated in all over 70 countries by thousands of independent farmers it is also one of the oldest commodities in the world next to the cotton. Along worldwide over 2.25 billion cups of coffee consumed per day, it is no shock that coffee is such a highly traded in commodities. The US & Euro-Zone are the 2 top consumers of coffee among most of its production caused in South America & Africa.
1.  Crude Oil
The top spot is Crude oil. In the world market, it is the most traded commodity. It is the essential source of fossil fuels & supplies for the modern world with its energy requires. The biggest producers of crude oils are Saudi Arabia, the US, Canada, & Russia respectively.
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